Lakeview Country Club

Lakeview Country Club

Lakeview Fishery consists of two lakes with a total area of 3 and a half acres, situated in the Country Club complex only three miles from Bodmin and one mile from the A30.

Long Island Lake

A well-established lake, stocked with 12 species including Carp into double figures, along with quality Roach, Rudd, Bream and Tench. All methods work on this lake and margin fishing can be the most prolific. Mixed catches of 50lb are common and the lake record stands at 156lb. This lake has 35 well spaced pegs. Fishing meat on the ledger close to the island (lodge side) is a great carp bagger.

Moorland Lake

Recently stocked with Common and Mirror Carp up to 26lb and Tench to 4lb. Shallow pegs produce well in the warmer months, but all baits fished close in will score. In my experience the top of the lake (house side), along the margins at the high side of the bank extending down the sides of the lake a way will produce nice catches. Boilies were once very good at sorting out the bigger fish in this lake, however nowadays most of my catches have been on meat which have been coated with a dusting of chilli powder just for that extra edge.

Fishery Rules

  • 1. Day fishing to be paid for prior to fishing. If monies are collected from the bank you will be charged extra.
  • 2. Lakes are open from dawn to Dusk.
  • 3. All fish must be returned quickly and safely.
  • 4. No Carp in keep nets or sacks.
  • 5. Anglers may use 2 rods. An environment licence must be held by all persons 12 years and over.
  • 6. 6lb minimum line to be used.
  • 7. Fish at marked pegs only, not between the pegs.
  • 8. No reserving pegs by leaving tackle or bivvys in the swims. If tackle is left unattended it will be removed after one hour by fishery staff.
  • 9. Barbless hooks to be used at all times -NO EXCEPTIONS – micro barbed hooks are not barbless! No trebles. Maximum 8
  • 10. No bent hook rigs, beach caster method or METHOD FEEDERS on Moorland.
  • 11. No heavy baiting, no nuts, peas or beans. No live baiting, dead baiting or cat meat.
  • 12. No bait boats
  • 13. No litter to be left in the swim whatsoever. Discarded bait and litter encourages vermin. Use bin provided.
  • 14. Any problems regarding the fish or fishery to be reported to the fishery staff.
  • 15. Please do not damage the trees or shrubs. Treat your neighbours with respect.
  • 16. An independent angler must witness carp of the week.
  • 17. No fixed leads of any description.
  • 18. All aspects of the rules are at the sole discretion of the fishery staff.
  • 19. No responsibility will be accepted for loss, damage or injury however caused. If there is an infringement of the above regulations you may be asked to leave the fishery. No refund will be given. The management cannot accept responsibility for any loss or injury sustained while using this facility.
  • 20. Please make sure all rigs are safe and not fixed, all rigs must be free running to ensure the quality of the fish and fishing.


  • Adult £10 a day for 2 rods.
  • OAP £6 a day for 2 rods.
  • Under 16 £6 a day for 2 rods.


  • Lakeview Country Club
  • Old Coach Road, Lanivet PL30 5JJ
  • Tel: 01208 831808
  • email:
  • Lakeview Countryclub

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