About Us

About Us

Welcome to Fishing Over The Edge! This site is all about my fishing adventures around Cornwall and hopefully further afield.

I am 43 years old and have been fishing for about 30 of those years now. I still fish as though it is my first time, in excitement and probably skill too, my friends would like you to believe!

I also try my hand at web design and have made a few different sites over the years for people, I just never made a personal site for myself as I thought I never had a subject to write inanely about at length even though I have enjoyed fishing for so long. So this site is a merger of two things I actually quite enjoy and have done for some years!

I would like in the future to write about the fishing trips my son and I and my friends and I go on, along with doing mini reviews or write ups on some fishing locations I have frequented on my travels. I will also be adding articles on new methods and tackle that I use or would like to purchase at some point in time.

Anyway thats it for now.